Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Beamer woes

Decided to kill my beamer last week. Dropping it from 1.5 meters tends to have that effect. Thankfully, after breaking off bits of the fan that wouldn't rotate, and then unplugging and plugging in the bulb about 30 times, it sprang into life again. Nice one Sony. You may not support it anymore, but its a magic beamer (projector)

Exchange Disaster Recovery

Well, since I've given the training courses, I've been involved in at least 3 database rescues. All without any data loss. Exchange 2000 is OK for data recovery, but the new features offered by Exchange 2003, including Recovery Storage Groups, and Snapshot backups is unbelievable. This feature, and OWA/OMA 2003 make it work upgrading. The client license pricing unfortunately does not win my seal of approval

New Handy

Just got myself a new handy (mobile phone), the Sony Ericsson T610, which has got camera, bluetooth, Outlook, etc integration. Not bad for €19 and a contract extension. I really didn't know which handy to take, but this one has got bluetooth, and a big easy to use display.

CD Will be Sent

For those people on my last training course that are wondering where the CD is, its almost ready. The CD should be landing in your inbox (snail mail, not email) within the next 7 days. Sorry for all the time its taken, but I've been very busy.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Oh, To Be In England
Just been back to my island for the last few days. Had a good time wandering around the junk shops, collecting books for the next few months. It was mum's birthday on Sunday, which was good fun. Finally got around to delivering the Astro Wars box to Alex in England as well, so I've got a bit more room. Ebay... here I come....

MS Exchange 2000 training course
Spend this week giving the MOC for Exchange 2000. Really good fun, and the people on the course were very interested in the product. Tried to bring across all the new features of Exchange 2003, and we ended the course with an inplace upgrade to Exchange 2003. Don't forget Service Pack 3 on the Global Catalog servers as well as on the E2K machine :-)

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