Thursday, August 26, 2004

Even Microsoft isn't that impressed with .pst files..

Not supported over WAN or LAN connections. Ha Ha.

Friday, August 20, 2004

England vs Ukraine

What a game, well played Becks and Owen, and what a goal by Wright-Phillips. In fact, in the second half, it was the first time I've seen England attacking their opponents to get the ball instead of doing their normal "keep 5 yards away until they pass it" tactics in donkeys years. Keep it up!


Had the *pleasure* to do a bit more programming recently. I am certainly NOT the world's best programmer, but I do like programming Admin tools. My latest program sends a list of selected registry key values to any number of other windows machines. It can also copy and delete files on a list of other machines. Works a dream. Try and find another tool on the market (freeware) that can do the same....


Trying to install a 3-way Exchange 2003 cluster in a test environment. Got it working once, but when trying to do it again, it keeps getting stuck on the System Attendant resource. It tells me "User Name was not found". Well, as it uses local system, I don't get it. I still think the problem is with DNS, but who am I.


Had a lovely 10 days in Cornwall, it even included a few days of sunshine ;-). Stayed at the beautiful St. George's Hotel in Perranporth, which I can strongly recommend, small, quiet and relaxing. Fortunately this was a good month before the recent flash floods that have been happening in the area - poor old Boscombe

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