Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quintum and Office Communications Server 2007
I got a new toy. Well its not really a toy, but a rather wonderful box of tricks that allows you to connect almost any PBX to OCS 2007. It cost less than €800 and allows me to connect 2xBRI (4 lines) directly to OCS as a Media Gateway. OCS is in turn connected to our Exchange 2007 SP1 (beta) server. Now we can call in call out and access our mailboxes via speech. Just like to say thanks for the people at quintum for their help in setting up the box, really helpful friendly people. Check them out at http://www.quintum.com Bressner is the reseller in Germany, you can find them at http://www.bressner.de
That's all

Publishing Multiple Exchange 2007 behind ISA Server 2006
I liked the idea of a Front-end Server in Exchange 2000/2003. Trying to get the same to work with Exchange 2007 is a nightmare. If you want to publish all mailboxes using one front end, you need cas proxying. Unfortunately cas proxying breaks access to sharepoint and file shares in OWA. Take your choice, either publish at least one CAS server per AD Site separately to get sharepoint access, or use CAS proxying with only one server and no sharepoint.
Now how do I get both features, single front-end and sharepoint access? Answers on a postcard please......


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