Thursday, January 29, 2004

Well, I've been doing an ISA Server installation the last few days, which, as always, was fun, and quite easy. A little problem with the Certificates for the Remote VPN Clients, in that both the User Certificate and the Root Certificate had to be installed into the machine certificate pool but apart from that, sweet.

It's snowing, wowowow. Big time. South Germany really is a pretty sight at this time of year, one day I'll get my photos on here somewhere. Current temperature is about 0°c and the snow has been here for a good week now with not much chance of hoofing. Might even get a chance to go skiing or skating. Who knows.

Was MSNing with Danny earlier today, did NetMeeting as well, as we had a problem with audio, and now he's gone off to find a cheap WebCam on the internet somewhere, impressed as he was.

Also translating a document from German into English at the moment, and have been using Babelfish (from Altavista) which is rather hilarious. So much so, here's a cracking example:-

"In the first step we create ourselves an overview, on which all further steps develop and are for a successful introduction from great importance."

Well thank you very much :-p

Last thing... got the ISA Server 2004 beta 2. Will be bunging it on a VM Machine later, looks like they've done quite a good job. Time will tell.

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