Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Active Directory Disaster Recovery
Well, two weeks later, and I've just finished giving a 2 day Active Directory Disaster Recovery training course. Well attended, and a very interesting two days. Did lots of different scenarios, and lots of hands-on which went down rather well. Also, managed to do everything in VMWare and the difference to Virtual PC is really noticeable. Only one problem this time, the base PCs were not very well installed, and I was getting a lot of crashes if the physical CD was connected to a VMWare machine. Problem solved by a reinstall of all client machines.

I haven't had a chance to have a good play around with it yet, but there is a new Public Folder administration tool for Exchange called PFDavAdmin, which you should be able to download from here. Its meant to be able to reset MAPI and non-MAPI rights on public folders, as well as *simple* things like propagating a single user's permissions non-destructively through a tree. In 5.5 we had to hope that PFAdmin would work, or try and use Klaus Seeling's strange PFRights program

My sister came to visit! Its the second time she's been to Sunny South Germany, and not to let the side down, it snowed like crazy on the Sunday night. She visited with her boyfriend, it was his first time here, but got quite quickly used to the schnapps and the game of chicago (dice game). Had a great time in Stuttgart, watched the Fulham vs. Chelsea match when we got back, the next day was spent walking around a small mountain, and then to an outdoor naturally heated thermal bath. A good time was had by all.

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