Friday, October 14, 2005

Change of telephone number

As you might have read in the last post, I am moving house soon. My telephone number will also change, therefore, as of 31.10.2005 my existing number will not work. Both mobile (handy) numbers will continue to work, so if you want the new house telephone number, either write or phone. New number will start working on 02.11.2005 as the 1st is a holiday in Germany. Everything's going perfect with the house at the moment, tiling in the kitchen should be finished on Sunday, and I hope to have everything finished before the end of next week (cos I wanna move in ;-))

Still can't get an ISA Server 2004 to use IPSec site-to-site to connect to a PIX 501. Even the whitepaper from MS didn't help, even though I followed the steps exactly. Ah well, gonna try with a smoothnet linux firewall at the weekend.

England in the world cup!
Typical, just cos we didn't need to win the game against Poland, and some of our top players were missing, England played fantastic. Compare it to the game at the weekend, and it looked like two completely different teams. Lampard is looking good for the future, Rooney seemed to be a bit calmer, and I'm pretty sure we've got one of the best goalkeepers in the world at the moment. Being a spurs fan, I would say that last bit anyway :-)... Now just got to try and get some tickets to some games over here. Stuttgart's just around the corner for me, so let's hope England get to play there.

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