Monday, October 10, 2005


So, got the new house. Fortunately there's not too much work to be done. I've finished painting the walls, just gotta strip down the doors and door frames. Found some lovely wooden floors underneath the lino in some rooms, so I got rid of the lino, hired a whopping huge floor sander, and have been trying to get the wood looking good. It's taken quite a few hours so far, but I hope to be finished this week. Then there's only the kitchen to go. Big thanks to everybody who's helped me so far, it has saved a lot of my time.

Been given a petrol lawn mower, garden hoover and a load of other machines for the garden for nothing, that means we'll be able to make a good start on the garden next year when spring arrives (about the same time as ErSie)

Off to Detroit in November for 10 days, W2K, E5.5 migration to W3K and E2K3. Hopefully the house will be finished by then, and I'll have moved.

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