Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Exchange 2003 Public Folder Error 80090325 SSL Problem
Just when I thought all error messages regarding E2K3 were documented, I run into one that I couldn't find a solution on the web to. The problem? Running the Exchange System Manager from a non-Exchange server wouldn't let me access the Public Folders, throwing the above mentioned error (80090325).
Reason for the error: The certificate path isn't trusted. Basically you've stuck a certificate on the servers for OWA reasons, but the certificate path isn't trusted.
Solution: Navigate to the OWA HTTPS page (https://yourserver/exchange). When the message comes about the certificate not being trusted, click on View Certificate, and then click on Install Certificate. Then click on certificate path, click on the top certificate (it will have a RED X on it), and click on Install Certificate and click a few nexts.

Problem solved

WOW - I had run into this problem and could not find an answer despite 2 hours of digging.

Your solution was right on the mark.

THANK YOU for posting that.

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