Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sleepless Nights - I don't think so....
Little Al is doing well.... I've published quite a few more photos to flickr if you're interested. I'm sleeping well, and Little Al's getting better at it. Sometimes it's only once per night :-) We're busy doing a lot to the garden at the moment. I've got rid of most of the ivy, and we bought a load of top soil. Last night the potatoes, lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers were planted by Diddly. Next purchase will be garden furniture. Shame about Arsenal losing the Champions League final last night, but after Lehmann getting sent off after 18 minutes, and then Arsenal only defending the last 1/3rd of the field, whadya expect. At least Ronaldhinio (or how ever you write it) played pretty crappy. Ha Ha.

One last thing. Spent 40 minutes trying to find out why, when users sent an email to a certain distribution group in Exchange 2003, it was getting swallowed by the Message Categorizer. Answer: The users that were trying to send the mail were located in a different domain to the global distribution group. Therefore the membership couldn't be resolved. Solution: Either make the group universal or make the expansion server a server in the same domain as the group.

Blindin to hear from you.There yer go got a komment now.
I was wondering what was going on and judging from yor blog I can see yerra bizzy bee.Kinnel who wooda thought you'd get married,move house and get a mini Al(keeping up the tradition then) all at once; well give or take nien mumphs.Well down here everyone is supporting the Germans unless they play Engeeeerlund of course. Y R U growin Veg...just go to the supermarket and forget the petrol mower get a cow/sheep/goat.
Nice site by the way although I wish you'd stop talking gibberish you sound like Bill Gates or is it master..I'm outta here footie match to watch :-)
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