Sunday, November 26, 2006

Asterisk and Exchange 2007 working!

After spending a bit of time playing around with the Unified Messaging features in Exchange 2007, and getting bored using the test phone, I tried to find a way of connecting it to my telephone system at home (ISDN). After a few sleepness nights, I now have it working fine. Basically, I use a trixbox (ASTERISK) with a Fritz! PCI card, which answers the call. ASTERISK uses SIP/UDP, so I can't just send the call directly to Exchange 2007, so I send it to a SiPX router, which then sends it on to the Exchange 2007 server. I can dial in, and leave a message, or I can dial in, and access my mailbox using speech or touch tone, its working fine. If anybody's interested, drop me a line, and I'll tell you how to do it, or I might just publish it here....

Hello Alan,
How did you implement the Fritzcard ?
What kind of ISDN-Box are you using /home ?
What kind of SIP-Router so you use ?
I´m thinking about a migration of a used ISDN with a E2007 to be installed in the next months, - may be we´ll get new facts about this topic.
I'm using a FritzPCI card, which I bought locally for 30 euros (in Germany). The SIP router is SIPX. For my implementation, I followed the guide at

There are loads of other cards that work with asterisk though, including EICON and any CAPI4LINUX compatible card


Instead of SIPX (which seems to be a full IP-PBX itself, but I'm not sure about that) could you use SER to translate from UDP to TCP? I have heard of this being done frequently. I also think that Asterisk is building in support for TCP natively, so this would become easier.
I realise that SIPX is a full-PBX, but its the only one that I have got working with Exchange. I have been trying for the last 2 weeks to get OpenSER working. Unfortunately, it seems to forward the calls, via SIP/TCP, to the Exchange Server, but the Exchange Server just rejects it all the time. If anybody has got a working configuration with SER, I will be quite willing to include it in my blog
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