Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cannot delegate calendar to shared mailbox or mail non-universal group -Exchange 2007
Strange problem with Outlook 2007 users running against an Exchange 2007 server. Outlook 2000 users were not affected by the problem.
If a user tries to delegate their calendar (or grant other types of permissions) to either a shared mailbox or a global mail-enabled security group, they cannot. When they try to select the object, it is marked with a red cross. This is because shared mailboxes are normally associated with a disabled user, or because exchange 2007 does not support non-universal groups. Fix? Change the mailboxes back to normal user mailboxes with the set-mailbox -recipienttype:regular (or even a get-mailbox -recipienttypedetails:shared set-mailbox -recipienttype:regular). As for the groups. I manually changed them to universal groups, and they're all working now


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