Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Another translation of sorts
A work colleague sent me an email regarding an Office CD that I needed. He translated the original german into english for me using an online translation site (No idea why, as I can read german quite well). Still, if he had sent it in german, I would never have had the pleasure that the translated mail gave me. I haven't laughed as much in years. (I got permission from him to publish it here, have no worries)

A point is furnished to installations with the following path \\computer\share. I can to you gladly offer, if you are in the house the Office2003 CD tomorrow for installation to give.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Finished giving a two-day Exchange 200x disaster recovery course. Went well in my opinion. Probably the worst thing was the speed of the machines. Decided to use Virtual PC from Microsoft instead of VMWare, and the virtual machines ran really slowly. I use VMWare on my home machine, but don't have it on my notebook because I only have one license. What pops in my Inbox this morning? A free (yes, free!) license for VMWare Workstation 4 as I'm an MCT. Made my day. Already installed it and running a W3K DC and W3K E3K Server on my notebook as I type. Performance is quite impressive - ADU&C starts in about 10 seconds, ESM in 7, with both machines running. Might change my opinion when I finally get a copy of Virtual Server, but with the network limitation of only 1 network card in Virtual PC, I really need VMWare. Now where is that ISA Server 2004 Beta CD................

Its fasching time here in Sunny South Germany, there was a great street festival in town at the weekend with lots of bands playing purposely off-tune. After a few beers, it gets easier to understand :-)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Well its a very sunny day today. Temperature at 17C is rather strange for this time of year, although we should have snow back by the weekend. Giving a Windows 2000 Server and Professional training course this week, and then two Exchange 2003 training courses in the next two weeks, as well as receiving a PKI training course myself next week. Should be fun. Microsoft have also got an online test centre where you can have a stab at trying to get MCP. Check out http://www.msmeasureup.com for more information. Finally managed to buy the dishwasher tablets, and so, for the first time in my life, I operated a dishwasher last night. Result: Crystal clear. Very impressed was I. Ye olde back is also much better. Seven months of acupuncture, training and massage finally seems to have sorted it out. I've bought a training machine for home now off of Kev for 80 euros, which even measures pulse. Just gotta find the strength to carry it down three flights of stairs, into the car, home, and then up the one flight of stairs to mine. Also gotta find room for it. The games room is pretty full at the moment, as I've still got the Zaccaria machines for Astro Wars in there. I'll be taking one back to England for Alex next time I visit there, and I guess I'll just have to return the other one to the cellar. Also seriously thinking about selling some of them now. Still gonna keep the Invaders, Asteroids, Missile Command, PuckMan and Track and Field. Might also keep the quiz machine. One JAMMA machine will also be saved, but the rest will have to be ebayed. I just don't have the time that it takes to concentrate on such a time-devouring hobby.

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